Canon imagePROGRAF Hardware Error 03130031

Canon imagePROGRAF Hardware Error 03130031

Hardware error 03130031 graphic

Hardware Error 03130031

If your Canon imagePROGRAF large format printer has displayed a hardware error, there is no doubt you are feeling a little concerned.  Since you are reading this, we will assume that you are past the "slightly concerned" stage.  In this piece, we will quickly shed light on Hardware Error 03130031 and its variations of the last 4 digits. 

What Is The Error

The good news about this particular error is, I’m here to help you.  The bad news is, it’s a controller related error, and you will likely need (at the very least) new print heads.  To diagnose the error properly, we will need a little bit more information.  That info is found in the 4-digit code that follows the 03130031.

Great! But how do I know what the 4-digit code after the dash means?

4 Digit Code After The Hardware Error

The 03130031 error can display one of many, 4-digit codes after the dash.  They all have individual directions to clear/fix and some are easier than others.

Here are the different codes

How Do I Fix It

Fixing hardware error 03130031 can range from a simple power-cycle to a very costly replacement of many or all of the printer’s pcb cards.  The first step you should take is to make sure there is not a paper jam, and that the carriage is docked on the right side of the printer.  This can be accomplished by opening the top cover.

The next step is to use the power button to turn the printer off.  You should NEVER unplug the printer while it is on.  Once you turn the power off, reboot the printer in the normal way.  If the error is clear, do a happy dance and complete your print job. 

If the error shows again, you will need to take further action (which may require an authorized service technician).  Use the links above to learn more about your particular error, and what the proper steps for repair are.

You Might Not Have A Real Error Code

Watch this quick video to help determine if you do have a real error.

What If My Error Code Wasn’t Listed?

The Canon iPF Series printers can display any number of error codes.  Some are hardware related, others are just warnings.  If the error code on your screen doesn’t match any of the ones in this thread, email us the code or call us on the phone at 888-812-2594.