About ProPrinting Systems

Who We Are 

We specialize in professional large format printers, and we carry an assortment of office style printing systems designed for most industries.

What We Do

Every day people ask “why printers”? The answer is simple… because every company uses them and most people guess which one is right for their office.

Buying a printer is seen as a giant waste of time and money (similar to hiring a bad employee).

Think of “The Pro” as a recruiter who knows the top talent and hires resources that take you to the next level.  We turn your office printer into an employee, instead of an expense.

Good employees earn more than bad ones. We'll help you hire printers that earn for you (they can even order supplies without the help of your skilled, high-paid staff).

Ron Rodgers Headshot in a circle

Ron Rodgers

Who Is Ron Rodgers

Ron Rodgers is the founder of ProPrinting Systems.  At an early age, Ron was around construction sites.  He learned the magical art of pushing a broom, then graduated into a laborer.  When he was in high school, Ron attended a vocational school for carpentry, with an end goal of joining the carpenters union.

It would have happened too, but that Air Force recruiter was a smooth talker.  Upon graduating from high school, he said goodbye to his friends and family (and carpenters union) to be a firefighter for Uncle Sam.  10 years later, he was headed home, and has heard everyone say "you were halfway there" ever since.

"Construction trades were something that never really left," Ron said.  "I'm a creative guy and I just like building things".  

Ron is most comfortable working with "the trades".  It's in his blood.  He speaks the language (yes, even the language that is designed for the job site...) He is known as a "friend to the contractor", a reputation he prides himself on.

Our Customers Love Us

Don't take our word for it.  Customers of ProPrinting Systems say things like...

Great plotter, great capabilities and even better customer service from Ron Rodgers

"It was immediately apparent that Ron had superior knowledge of his product line and knew it intimately"

"We are saving money daily with this machine. Thank you again for all your help"