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Entry-level models are great for low volume usage like takeoffs and check sets.

The Canon TM-Series and TA-Series are great options for the small or home office settings, as are some Epson T-Series models.

They're available as stand-alone printers or multifunction models.  Some have stands, others can be put on a desktop.

The Canon TM-Series has quickly become a popular option for workgroup settings of all sizes.

Available in both stand-alone or multifunction configurations, printing in-house has never been easier or more cost-effective.

Epson has a 2nd tier of the T-Series printer that handles workgroup settings as well.

The Canon TX-Series printers are available as a single or dual-roll model, both stand-alone printer or multifunction.  The TX-Series also has a high-capacity stacker designed for high volume printing environments.

Fast print speeds, large ink tank capacity, and unmatched print quality make the TX Series a must-have for the AEC Community!

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