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Who Needs A Blueprint Printer?

Printing is no longer reserved for large firms with high print volumes.  Architects, Engineers, and Contractors of any size are using professional large format printers in home offices, small office settings, even large operations with multiple branch locations.

The current line of printers has something for every level of usage, low volume, moderate need, and production level.

Companies looking to reduce operating costs while increasing productivity and efficiency are moving toward printing in house.

The Ongoing Costs - Ink & Paper

Ink and paper are the 2 most frequent consumable items you will purchase for your large format printer.

These printers can accommodate both roll paper and cut-sheet.  Roll is the preferred stock because it's easy to work with, permits longer print runs, and costs less than cut-sheet paper.  Some of our models hold 150' rolls while others can load up to 2 x 650' rolls.

Ink tanks vary per model. Some printers use dye-based inks while others use pigment-based inks which tend to be more resilient and resist water, fading, and scratching.

Larger capacity supplies cost less, meaning the right sized printer costs less than the wrong printer over time.


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Print What You Need, When You Need It

Last-minute changes are no problem when you can print in-house.  Markups, takeoffs, bid sets, you name it, you can print it.

In many cases, only a few pages of the plan set are needed.  Eliminate wasted time, supplies, and money by selecting and printing only the pages you need!

No matter if it's 8 AM or 5:30 PM, there's nothing stopping you from having the prints you need at the moment you need them.

Take the next step with your business today with our free guide

Large format printers are versatile and can be a total game-changer for nearly any office.  However, every office is different and printers are certainly not one-size-fits-all.

We've created a helpful guide that tells you the ins-and-outs of buying a printer and the costs associated with it in the future.