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Introducing the Canon imagePROGRAF TA-Series printers and the features that make it an attractive option for people that are new to printing or have a low monthly print volume.

Learn about the types of things that can be printed from the TA-Series printers.

Essential Features

Here are just a few reasons the Canon TA-Series is a great choice for entry-level print needs

  • Indoor/Outdoor Prints

    TA-Series printers use pigment ink, which is resistant to water, scratches and UV light.  Create outdoor signs and graphics

  • Low Cost of Operation

    Use Economy Print Mode and use up to 40% less ink during printing 

  • Print Speed

    Print 104 - 24" x 36" sheets per hour! Each page is automatically cut at the correct size

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

    Print to the TA-Series from almost anywhere in the office or job site via wi-fi

  • Ease Of Use

    Includes free, easy-to-use software for poster creation, print plug-in for Microsoft Office, Direct Print and Share for technical drawings, and more

  • Low Noise Level

    Unbelievably quiet and minimizes workplace disruptions while printing

TA-Series Printer Models

The Canon imagePROGRAF TA-Series professional large format printers are available in 3 different configurations as a stand-alone printer.


Why Buy A TA-Series Printer

The TA-Series is useful in multiple vertical markets and is most successful in environments that are new to printing or need just a few large prints quickly.  Having a large format printer in-house eliminates wait times and cost mark-up that are associated with outsourcing.

Consumable items such as ink tanks, paper, maintenance cartridge, and print heads can all be easily replaced without calling a technician.  Minimal maintenance is needed and can be performed by ANY person regardless of experience.

Fast print speeds, high-quality prints, efficient stacking, low cost per print, small footprint, and easy to operate. The TA-Series printers are perfect for environments like retail, grocery stores, classrooms, casinos, churches, restaurants, contractors, architects, engineers, and other office use.


See How It Compares To The Competition

Is The TA-Series Right For You

Though the TA-Series printers have multiple applications for a variety of industries, they are best suited for low usage or entry-level environments

Every work environment is different and unfortunately, large format printers are not one-size-fits-all.

If you'd like a roadmap to follow, check out our plotter free buyers guide.


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