High-Volume Enterprise Blueprint Printers

Maximize Efficiency And Minimize Costs

What To Look For In A Printer

Buying the wrong printer can be costly! An undersized printer may have an attractive price tag, but if's not built for your type of usage, it will cost thousands more over the life of the printer.

This quick video Will help you determine if a high-volume enterprise blueprint printer is right for you.

Key Considerations

Defining what you need in a printer will make the decision much easier.  Here are a few questions that should help decide if an enterprise-level printer is best for you

  • Paper Handling

    How much paper can it hold? How is the paper loaded, and what is the paper cost per square foot? Does it hold 2 or more rolls?

  • Ink Tank Size & Availability

    High-Volume printing requires larger ink tanks for longer print runs.  700ml ink tanks typically have the lowest cost per ml

  • Cut & Stack

    The printer will cut, but how well does it stack? Catch baskets are useless in high-volume settings. Enterprise printers need large capacity stackers. 

  • Print Speed & Quality

    Production level printers should print nearly 3 x D-Size (24" x 36") sheets per minute or faster. 

  • Connectivity & Portability

    36" or 44" wide? Does it fit in a tight space, or does it need a dedicated room? Wi-fi, Ethernet, or USB? Just a few things to look for before purchasing

  • Ease Of Use

    What software is included and how easy is it to use? Is it quiet enough to keep from interrupting my phone calls and meetings?

36-Inch Wide Enterprise-Level Printers

44-Inch Wide Enterprise-Level Printers

Why Buy An Enterprise-Level Printer

The most important factor of printing in-house is getting a printer that can do more than just keep up.  Large offices and firms need a printer that can increase productivity and give staff the ability to print what they want, when they need it, 24/7/365.

High-volume enterprise blueprint printers typically have the fastest print speeds, hold larger paper rolls and ink tanks for longer print runs, and have high-capacity stacking features requiring little to no attention from users.

Convenience is king, and time is money.  Putting more time back on your side allows you to focus on what really matters, serving your customers, and getting the job done!

Is A High-Volume Printer Right For You

The high-volume models are remarkable pieces of technology.  They work best in settings with a heavy print load, but can also be a great resource for growing workgroups with a moderate to high print need.

Each customer is different and printers, unfortunately, are not one-size-fits-all.

If you'd like a roadmap to follow, check out our free plotter buyers guide.


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