Canon imagePROGRAF iPF Error Code 03130031-2F3A

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF Error Code 03130031-2F3A


Error Code 03130031-2F3A

Hardware error 03130031-2F3A means your Canon imagePROGRAF has a stuck ink supply valve.  The first plan of action as indicated on the printer control screen is to turn the printer off and back on after waiting a few seconds. 

BEFORE POWERING DOWN, open the top cover (lid) to verify there there are no obstructions such as a paper jam. If a jam is present, remove it and slide the carriage/print head(s) back to the right side of the printer so they can be properly docked.  Turning a printer off when the head(s) is/are not capped will lead to bigger and more costly problems. 

Possible Causes

The first and most obvious cause is the reason the printer sent the error message in the first place, the ink supply valve is stuck either open or closed.  A "gap calibration" may be a quick solution to override the error if a simple reboot does not solve the problem.  

Another possible cause is a broken belt.  Continued usage and age may be contributing factors to the break or slip, but a recent move or shipping could be a culprit. 

How To Fix It

If rebooting the printer doesn't clear the error, and a jam is not the culprit, you will need a service call to replace either the ink supply unit or main controller. If your printer is no longer supported by Canon, you will either need to find a local service facility or you will be required to conduct the repair yourself (don't forget about replacing the printer as an option).

We discourage attempting any DIY repairs on professional large format printers. Specialized tools and training are required to complete such repairs. Without knowledge and experience, severe injuries or death may occur (to you or your printer).

If you are going to ignore our warning and attempt to fix it yourself, please begin by disconnecting the power source (and contact us to order genuine Canon parts).First replace the ink supply unit and if that does not work, replace the main controller PCB.

Old Printers vs. New Computers

Before considering any repair, the age of your printer may dictate whether repair or replacement is the more appropriate option. Some printers may be discontinued and unsupported meaning parts are no longer available. In this case, sing the song made famous by Elsa the ice queen and "let it go". Older printers may not be compatible with new computers and operating systems, meaning your large format printer could be an expensive laundry rack. For information on Canon's current line of new large format printers, please see the links to the right. They are sorted by industry for convenience.

What's next?

If you have additional questions, would like to speak to a customer service representative or a service technician, contact us.

2F3A isn't my error code!

If 2F3A is not the error code displayed on your screen, please see our blog post that lists all the possible 03133310 error codes so you can learn more about your specific error. 

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