Canon imagePROGRAF Hardware Error 03130031-2F4F

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF Hardware Error 03130031-2F4F

Hardware error 03130031-2F4F also be accompanied by similar error codes, 2F4D or 2F4E.  All 3 codes are notifications about the print head (or heads).  All 3 of these codes have been known to be an easy (and many times, free) fix.  Nothing to worry about (yet), let's just dive right in.

What is hardware error 03130031-2F4F?

The 2F4F is a VHT leak detection error in either the left or right print head or both.  The error code triggers when the printer sensors determine the print head conditions have fallen outside its normal operating ranges.

In the case of this error code, we can recommend some troubleshooting steps, but if they don't work, replacing both print heads is a must.

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Can I Fix The Error

Yes! And it's usually pretty easy!  But wait, there's more... it may be free too!  ProPrintint Systems always recommends the first step in any troubleshooting to be a simple power cycle.  Shut the printer down and leave it off for 30 to 60 minutes.  After the wait, power it up.  If the error is gone, the only thing left for you to do at this point is telling the internet how awesome we are with a review on Google and Facebook.

If the error does not clear, look to the firmware.  DO NOT OVERLOOK THIS STEP!  Firmware may seem insignificant, but it has been known to cause this (and many other) errors.  If the power cycle didn't work, and the firmware is current, the last possible cost-free repair is making sure you don't have a false error caused by air trapped in the ink lines.

If there is no air in the lines, the firmware is current, and the reboot didn't work, and the error code is still holding your printer hostage, mentally prepare yourself to part with some cash.

The False Error

As mentioned in the section above, it is entirely possible to have a false error caused by air in the ink lines (or outdated firmware).

Filled Ink LinesPictured here are a set of ink lines that are full of ink.  If your printer does not look like the image, a false error may be your gremlin.  If no error is present in the ink tanks, sub-tank system, or valves, the next system check occurs at the point of ink delivery, the print head.  Assuming the situation is normal at one end (tank side), the carriage assumes a suitable ink supply is present through the lines all the way to the head.

The print head can detect any nozzles that are not spraying ink.  As a result of the air in the lines, not all nozzles have an ink supply, meaning the head will notice and report to the main controller that something is not right.  A false error is displayed on the screen.

Ruling out air as the cause is easy.  Open the top cover (lid) and observe the ink lines.  Air bubbles will be obvious, even to the untrained eye.  Gaps will be present in the ink supply, as opposed to the solid flow as seen in the image here on this page.  Don't worry, you'll know it if you see it!

If you do have air in the ink lines, you'll need to perform system fill on the ink lines or perform a manual fill with the use of a syringe. The syringe has been used by many and has proven to be a low-cost fix.  Removing the air from the lines works, and your printer goes back to normal.

If air is not the problem, and the firmware is current, replace BOTH print heads.  Direct links to print heads are available below.

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Please be sure to get the correct print head for your model printer. If you are unsure, check the brochure or spec sheet.

What If Print Head Replacement Doesn't Work

If replacing the print heads doesn't fix the 2F4F error code, contact us to discuss options BEFORE making any decisions.  Potential repair items include costly items like the main controller PCB, carriage relay PCB, flat cable, and various consumable supplies.

We've seen it all; discount parts online from overseas, previously "used" parts, counterfeit parts, and so many other situations where you have a broken printer, parts that don't fit or work, and you're out even more money.  A simple call can prevent a lot of future problems.

We can help guide the next step that makes sense for you.  Contact our service department so you can get back to printing quickly.

Final Notes

To recap, this error can be easy (and free) to fix.  A reboot or firmware update can possibly solve the problem, but the repair can quickly become expensive if parts are needed.  PCB boards, flat cables, and consumables (ink, maintenance cartridge) are some of the items that may be required, and they must be replaced in a specific order.  We would be terrible at our job if we didn't remind you of the possibility of accidentally causing damage to the printer (or a new part) if performing the service yourself.  Or worse, we don't want you to be harmed while attempting repairs on your own.

If your printer model is no longer supported by Canon, diagnosing and repairing the printer yourself may be your only option.  It is possible to find someone that can service it for you, but they won't be cheap.

Before making the decision to repair any "legacy" (old) printer, consider when you will purchase your next computer, and make sure the operating system is "backward compatible".  A little research upfront can save a lot of money.   It would be a shame to discover your old printer is not compatible with new computer operating systems.  Many people stager equipment purchases so it's not a huge expense all at once.  6-months or a year from now, a new computer may not talk to an old printer.

In some cases, replacing the printer with a brand new model is a better decision.

Related Error Codes

The 2F4F code may also produce a 2F4D or a 2F4E code because all are related to the print heads.  Review the related codes here if needed.

If you have additional questions, would like to speak to a customer service representative or a service technician, contact us.

2F4F Isn't My Code

If 2F4F is not the error code displayed on your screen, please see our blog post that lists all the possible 03133310 error codes so you can learn more about your specific error.

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Ron Rodgers

Ron Rodgers is an Imaging Ace & Print Industry Hotshot with a passion for helping people turn print into profit! Aside from being the founder of ProPrinting Systems, he is a marketing machine, funtrepreneur (like entrepreneur but more fun), blogger, YouTuber, podcaster, musician, husband, father, sales expert, and all-around nice guy.

About Ron Rodgers

Ron Rodgers is an Imaging Ace & Print Industry Hotshot with a passion for helping people turn print into profit! Aside from being the founder of ProPrinting Systems, he is a marketing machine, funtrepreneur (like entrepreneur but more fun), blogger, YouTuber, podcaster, musician, husband, father, sales expert, and all-around nice guy.

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