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Just Ink About It

If you’ve found your way to this page, I’m going to assume you are researching a printer you found online, were gifted, or otherwise fell upon because the offer seemed too good to pass up.

While you may be excited, with visions of large prints and people giving you money for those prints, there are a few things you need to know before sinking any money into the printer.

One of the main items that are often overlooked is the availability of supplies and support.  In this post, I cover a list of Canons’ PFI ink tanks that have been discontinued.  If the printer model you have or are interested in uses any of the ink tanks on this list, we recommend not purchasing or acquiring it.

What Discontinued Means?

When it comes to Canon, they build a great printer that is designed to last many years.  As technology improves, printer models are upgraded, and previous models are discontinued.  Once the printer model is discontinued, phone-based tech support will be discontinued a few years later.

Shortly after phone support disappears, Canon stops making parts for the discontinued large format printer.

Ink tanks (and other consumable supplies) are the last things to be discontinued for a particular printer model.  At this point, no matter if the printer is still working, if you can’t feed it ink, it is on the short road to the boneyard.

It should be mentioned that some independent, third-party manufacturers may have compatible supplies available (or you may even try refilling the cartridges yourself) but there is no guarantee of image quality.  Those types of supplies have also been known to cause mechanical failures within the printer, and for models with discontinued parts (and no support), those supplies could be the kiss of death.

For more information on the dangers of used and old printers, check out our article on (future: link to another article about the dangers of old printers – drivers, OS compatibility, inefficient, etc.)

Discontinued Canon PFI Ink Tanks

The following list of PFI ink tanks have all been discontinued and are no longer being manufactured for Canon’s imagePROGRAF iPF series large format printers.  Also included are colors and dates of last availability.

  • PFI-101 – BK, MBK, GY (06-2018)
  • PFI-105 – B, G, PGY, R (12-2019)
  • PFI-301 – B, C, G, M, PC, PM, R, Y (12-2019)
  • PFI-302 – B, GY, MBK, PGY (12-2019)
  • PFI-304 – B, G, PGY, R (12-2019)
  • PFI-701 – B, C, G, M, PC, PM, R, Y (12-2019)
  • PFI-702 – B, GY, MBK, PGY (12-2019)
  • PFI-703 – BK, C, M, MBK, Y (12-2017)
  • PFI-704 – B, G, PGY, R (12-2019)

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