Canon PFI Ink Tanks Scheduled To Be Discontinued


I Ink, Therefore I Am

If you’re looking for the best information about the availability of PFI inks for Canon large format printers, you’ve come to the right place! No matter if you’ve had the printer for years or you’re researching a printer you’d like to buy/acquire, knowing when the inks will go away is important information!

The excitement of creating and selling large printed images can quickly influence the decision to get a printer without doing much research.  One of the factors often overlooked is the availability of supplies and support/service.

This post covers a list of Canons’ PFI ink tanks that have been given a date on which they will be discontinued.  The sooner the date, the more I’d recommend you look at a different and more recent model printer.

What Discontinued Means To Canon?

Canon large format printers have 4 levels of discontinued.

  1. The end of production and sales for the printer model is level 1. As technology improves, printer models are upgraded to improve features and quality.
  2. Phone-based tech support ends. Simple troubleshooting is no longer an option.  Independent, third-party tech support and service may still be available.
    1. Note: ProPrinting Systems helps troubleshoot when Canon does not.
  3. Manufacture of parts ends, creating a (risky) used market, typically on the online auction sites.
  4. Ink tanks (and other consumable supplies) are discontinued, leaving you with a large lawn ornament.

To Be Discontinued Canon PFI Ink Tanks

The following list of PFI ink tanks are still being manufactured and are readily available but have all been given an end of life date.  Also included are colors and forecasted date of last availability.

  • PFI-101 – B, C, G, M, PC, PM, R, Y (12-2023)
  • PFI-102 – BK, C, M, MBK, Y (06-2026)
  • PFI-103 – BK, GY, MBK, PGY (12-2023)
  • PFI-104 – M (06-2022)
  • PFI-105 – BK, C, M, MBK, PC, PG, PM, Y (12-2020)
  • PFI-106 – B, BK, C, G, GY, M, MBK, PC, PGY, PM, R, Y (12-2025)
  • PFI-206 – B, BK, C, G, GY, M, MBK, PC, PGY, PM, R, Y (12-2025)
  • PFI-207 – BK, C, M, MBK, Y (12-2025)
  • PFI-303 – BK, C, M, MBK, Y (12-2022)
  • PFI-304 – BK, C, GY, M, MBK, PC, PM, Y (12-2020)
  • PFI-306 – B, BK, C, G, GY, M, MBK, PC, PGY, PM, R, Y (12-2025)
  • PFI-307 – BK, C, M, MBK, Y (12-2024)
  • PFI-704 – BK, C, GY, M, MBK, PC, PM, Y (12-2020)
  • PFI-706 – B, BK, C, G, GY, M, MBK, PC, PGY, PM, R, Y (12-2025)
  • PFI-707 – BK, C, M, MBK, Y (12-2024)

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Already Discontinued Inks

If your printers' ink tanks weren’t on this list, you may have a model that has already been discontinued or a model on the current line.  Since you’re looking at this page, I think it’s safe to say your printer is discontinued because you’d know if it were a brand new, current line printer.

I’ve put together a list of PFI ink tanks that have been discontinued, as well as discontinued printer models and, you guessed it, soon to be disconnected printer models.

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