The Essential Guide To Large Format Printers – Canon


No matter if this is your first time shopping for a large format printer or you are a repeat buyer, it’s usually a big decision. With so many choices, how do you know which is the best one? We tend to lean toward Canon’s professional models (and this article will show you why), but there…

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The real cost of a cheap 11×17 printer

The real cost of a cheap 11×17 printer Shopping for a printer is rarely fun… especially when using the words “cheap 11×17 printer.  In fact, the only time most people are excited about a new printer is when they are ready to go full “office space” on their current one.  Though the printer played a…

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Discontinued Canon iPF Large Format Printer Models


Discontinued Canon iPF Models Are you stuck trying to decide if repair or replacement is the better option for your old printer? Maybe you found a steal of a deal on a used printer, but it “needs a little work”. The excitement of printing large, beautiful images can easily distract you from the heartbreak that…

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