Discontinued Canon iPF Large Format Printer Models


Discontinued Canon iPF Models

Are you stuck trying to decide if repair or replacement is the better option for your old printer?

Maybe you found a steal of a deal on a used printer, but it “needs a little work”.

The excitement of printing large, beautiful images can easily distract you from the heartbreak that comes with trying to fix an old, discontinued printer.

The big question is, will it be a payoff or a money pit?  Making that decision is easier than you think, and it’s possible to know before you invest.  I’ve put the best information on this page to help you decide quickly, before spending wasting risking any time or money.

What Does Discontinued Mean?

There are 4 different levels of discontinued when it comes to Canon large format printers.

  1. Production discontinued – Canon no longer builds this model – all remaining inventory is, or will be sold out quickly.
  2. Support discontinued – phone support is no longer an option for troubleshooting. Support may be available through a third party (which may or may not be a Canon Authorized service provider).
    1. Note: ProPrinting Systems supports models that Canon no longer fields calls for.
  3. Parts discontinued – Genuine OEM parts are no longer available, leaving you looking for used or remanufactured parts online, with no guarantee they are the correct part/model or that they’ll even work. It’s also likely you will have to perform the work/maintenance yourself.
  4. Supplies discontinued – OEM ink, print heads, cutter blades, and other consumable parts are no longer available from the manufacturer. Independent third-party supplies may or may not be available (or reliable). 

Printer or Paperweight?

The following list of printers are no longer supported on 3 or more of the levels mentioned above.  We do not recommend putting any time, money, or effort into these discontinued Canon imagePROGRAF large format printers.

  • IPF6000S (06-2018)
  • IPF6100 (12-2018)
  • IPF6200 (06-2017)
  • IPF6300 (12-2019)
  • IPF6350 (12-2019)
  • IPF710 (12-2019)
  • IPF755 (06-2019)
  • IPF8000S (06-2019)
  • IPF810 (12-2017)
  • IPF8100 (12-2017)
  • IPF820 (12-2017)
  • IPF8300 (12-2019)
  • IPF9000S (12-2019)
  • IPF9100 (12-2019)

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Upcoming Discontinued Models

If your printer model wasn’t on this list, you may be safe for now, but it doesn't mean you're totally out of the woods.  Legacy printers (ahem, that diamond in the rough you found online) have a shelf life.  At ProPrinting Systems, we are all about helping you see into the future to find out when your printer will be on the short-list to be discontinued.

Discontinued Supplies

Level 4 on the discontinuation scale above mentioned the availability of supplies.  A discontinued printer may still work, but once the supplies are no longer available, it truly is the end of the road.

Luckily, where we’re going, we don’t need roads…… grab your DeLorean, get up to 88, and see the future discontinue date of ink supplies for Canon iPF-Series printers.

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  1. David Heinlein on at

    Hello Ron,
    I have an IPF 8000 showing error code 0310031-2618.
    I had a look inside and there’s some air in several of the lines going into the print heads. I was encouraged by your video showing an 8300 in similar condition, where are you said the heads might not have to be replaced. I actually would venture to change the heads if I thought the printer might work again. But in any case it would seem the first thing to do would be to use that syringe I saw for sale on your site to try to remove the air. Unfortunately I don’t have any idea how to use the syringe, although I am pretty good at stuff like this. Please let me know what you think, and if it looks like all this might be worth pursuing. Technically, I don’t believe the IPF 8000 is on your list of units to give up on.
    I would so much appreciate any response; many thanks!
    David Heinlein

    • Ron Rodgers on at

      David, the 8000 has been long discontinued. I wouldn’t recommend putting any money into it.

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