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Canon iPF Printer Models To Be Discontinued


Is Your Printer Stuck In The Past

You’ve come here wondering if that big (old) inkjet printer is worth fixing or if it makes a better boat anchor. 

Too many people have fallen victim to a “great deal” they found online by choosing to focus on hope for the best rather than doing a small amount of research up front.  If you're feeling your collar getting a little snug right now, this article might save you a significant amount of time, money, and aggravation. 

Long story short, discontinued (or soon to be discontinued) printers most of the time aren’t worth trying to repair.  The decision is up to you, but I want to make sure you have the best info available before making a decision.

On this page, you'll find a list of printers that have been discontinued on 1 or more levels, and the date when they will have little to no support at all. 

What Does Discontinued Mean?

Though discontinued seems like a pretty obvious term, Canon has 4 different levels of discontinued printers. 

  1. Production discontinued – manufacturer no longer builds this model – all remaining inventory to be sold out quickly.
  2. Support discontinued – phone support and service techs are no longer an option for troubleshooting. Support may be available through a third party (which may or may not be a Canon Authorized service provider).
    1. NOTE: ProPrinting Systems supports models that Canon will no longer troubleshoot 
  3. Parts discontinued – Genuine OEM parts are no longer available, leaving you looking for used or remanufactured parts online, with no guarantee they are the correct part/model or that they’ll even work. It’s also likely you will have to perform the work/maintenance yourself.
  4. Supplies discontinued – OEM ink, print heads, cutter blades, and other consumable parts are no longer available from the manufacturer. Independent third-party supplies may or may not be available (or reliable).  

Discontinued Canon iPF Models

The following list of printers have all been given a date when parts will be discontinued.  That date is listed here as well, next to the printer model, in parenthesis.   If the model has an * next to it, phone support is still available.  Printers that do not feature an * no longer have phone support by Canon customer service but may still be serviced by an independent third party. 

Did I mention ProPrinting Systems offers support on many models that Canon will no longer support....

  • iPF510* (12-2023)
  • iPF5100* (12-2023)
  • iPF605 (06-2022)
  • iPF610* (06-2026)
  • iPF6300S (12-2020)
  • iPF6400* (12-2025)
  • iPF6400S* (06-2024)
  • iPF6400SE* (12-2025)
  • iPF6450 * (12-2025)
  • iPF650 (12-2021)
  • iPF655 (12-2021)
  • iPF670* (12-2026)
  • iPF680* (12-2025)
  • iPF685* (12-2025)
  • iPF750 (06-2022)
  • iPF760 (06-2022)
  • iPF765 (06-2022)
  • iPF770* (12-2026)
  • iPF780* (12-2025)
  • iPF785* (12-2025)
  • iPF815* (12-2022)
  • iPF825* (12-2022)
  • iPF830* (12-2024)
  • iPF8300S (12-2020)
  • iPF840* (12-2024)
  • iPF8400* (06-2023)
  • iPF8400S* (06-2023)
  • iPF8400SE* (12-2024)
  • iPF850* (12-2024)
  • iPF9400* (12-2025)
  • iPF9400S* (06-2023)
  • PRO-2000* (12-2026)
  • PRO-4000S* (12-2026)

Already Discontinued Models

If your printer model wasn’t on this list, it may either be on the current line or totally discontinued.  To find out if your large format printer has already been disconnected, check out the discontinued list.  This is extremely important if it looks like you may have found what looks like a great deal online. 

Printers that have been discontinued or have an end of service date that is not far off are better left alone… your wallet will thank you.  

Discontinued Supplies

Though a discontinued printer may still work (even if you have to use an old computer or unsupported operating system) supplies may not be available much longer (if at all).  Level 4 of the discontinuation scale above introduces the option of using compatible supplies or refills.  Though it is an option, we don’t recommend using third party supplies due to inconsistencies and other factors that can lead to costly repairs to your large format inkjet printer.

For your convenience, we have also compiled a list of discontinued supplies as well as a list of supplies that have been given a discontinue date

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