Canon imagePROGRAF Hardware Error 03130031-2F4E

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF Hardware Error 03130031-2F4E

Hardware error 03130031-2F4E can also be accompanied by 2F4D or 2F4F.  All 3 codes relate to the print head (or heads).  This error code (and it's partners) have been known to be an easy (and many times, free) fix, so don't freak out yet.  Breathe deeply, in through the nose, out through the mouth... Now, let's fix this printer, shall we?

What is hardware error 03130031-2F4E?

The 2F4E is a VHT leak detection error of the RIGHT print head and is triggered when print head conditions fall outside of normal operating ranges.

Though this particular error code only applies to the right side print head, the same action should be taken for both heads in models that feature 2 print heads.  I know what you're thinking, and you're right... It does cost more to replace both print heads at the same time, but it can save future headaches and major slowdowns.  Plus the manufacturer (Canon) says its a recommended best practice, and that's not just so they can line their pockets with extra cash.  Following recommendations can prevent wasted supplies and overspending.  Repairs and replacements have a tendency to use excessive ink and maintenance cartridge capacity.  You can reduce that risk by playing it safe upfront.

To help you save a little cash, we offer a coupon to those that buy 2 print heads at the same time.  Get the coupon by filling in the form below.

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Can I Fix The Error

Yes! You can fix it!  But wait, there's more... it may not cost a thing!  We recommend starting any troubleshoot with a simple power cycle.  Turn the printer off and leave it off for about 30 to 60 minutes.  Once powered up again, if the error has cleared, you're good to go (and by go we mean go give us an outstanding review on Google and Facebook).

If the error triggers again, be sure the printer has the most current firmware.  DO NOT OVERLOOK THIS STEP!  It may seem insignificant, but out of date firmware has been known to cause errors of this variety.  If neither the power cycle nor the firmware correct the error, the last chance at a cost-free repair is to make sure it's not a false error, caused by air in the ink lines.

If you don't see air in the lines, and the error code persists, it's time to spend some money (with us of course).

The False Error

As mentioned in the section above, it's possible to have a false error caused by air in the ink lines (or outdated firmware).

Filled Ink LinesPictured here are ink lines full of ink.  If your printer's ink tubes do not look like the image, a false error can trigger because the printer can't sense the air.  The carriage assumes everything is normal throughout the ink passage system if no error is present in the ink tanks, sub-tank system, or valves.  Assuming the situation is normal at one end, the carriage determines ink is present into the print head.  If the print head detects 1 or more nozzles are not spraying ink (as a result of the air), the printer will assume the print head is faulty and the end result is an error code.

Ruling out air in the ink lines is relatively simple.  Open the top cover (lid) and inspect the ink lines.  Any air bubbles will be obvious even to the untrained eye.  You will see gaps in the ink supply, as opposed to the solid flow as seen in the image here on this page.  Don't worry, you'll know it if you see it!

If you do have air in the ink lines, you'll need to perform a system fill of the ink lines or perform a manual fill using a syringe. The syringe may be worth a try for a low-cost fix.  In many cases, removing the air from the lines works, and the printer works fine again.

If air is not the problem and the firmware is current, replace the print head (or heads).  Direct links to print heads are available below.

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Be sure to check the brochure or spec sheet if you are unsure of which print head your printer model requires.

What If Print Head Replacement Doesn't Work

If a print head replacement (1 or 2) does not fix the 2F4E error code, contact us to discuss possible options BEFORE you start making decisions.  Potential repair items include costly items like the main controller PCB, carriage relay PCB, flat cable, and various consumable supplies.

We've seen it all; discount parts online from overseas (or fit a different model), previously "used" parts (that were broken or from a different model), counterfeit parts, and so many other tripwires that a simple call could have prevented.

We can help guide the next step that makes sense for you.  Contact our service department so you can get back to printing quickly.

Final Notes

To recap, this error may be a simple (and free) fix.  A reboot or firmware update can solve your problem, but things can quickly get expensive if parts are needed.  PCB boards, flat cables, and consumables (ink, maintenance cartridge) are some of the items that may be required, and you don't know how deep the rabbit hole goes until you start throwing money in it.  We wouldn't be doing our job if we didn't remind you of the possibility of accidentally causing damage to the printer (or a new part) if performing the service yourself.

If your printer is a model that's no longer supported by Canon, performing the repair on your own or find someone to do it for you are your only options.  The technician will likely be expensive.

Before deciding to repair old printers, be sure new computers and operating systems are "backward compatible".  A little research upfront can save a lot of money if you discover that your old printer is not compatible with new computer operating systems.  Many people buy computers more often than printers, and a new computer may not talk to an old printer.

In some cases, replacing the printer with a brand new model is a better decision.

Related Error Codes

The 2F4E code may also produce a 2F4D or a 2F4F code because they all apply to print heads.  Review the related codes here if needed.

If you have additional questions, would like to speak to a customer service representative or a service technician, contact us.

2F4F Isn't My Code

If 2F4E is not the error code displayed on your screen, please see our blog post that lists all the possible 03133310 error codes so you can learn more about your specific error.

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Ron Rodgers

Ron Rodgers is an Imaging Ace & Print Industry Hotshot with a passion for helping people turn print into profit! Aside from being the founder of ProPrinting Systems, he is a marketing machine, funtrepreneur (like entrepreneur but more fun), blogger, YouTuber, podcaster, musician, husband, father, sales expert, and all-around nice guy.

About Ron Rodgers

Ron Rodgers is an Imaging Ace & Print Industry Hotshot with a passion for helping people turn print into profit! Aside from being the founder of ProPrinting Systems, he is a marketing machine, funtrepreneur (like entrepreneur but more fun), blogger, YouTuber, podcaster, musician, husband, father, sales expert, and all-around nice guy.

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