Canon imagePROGRAF Hardware Error 03130031-2F4D

Canon imagePROGRAF Hardware Error 03130031-2F4D


Canon imagePROGRAF iPF Hardware Error 03130031-2F4D

Hardware error 03130031-2F4D may be associated with 2F4E or 2F4F and they all reference the print head (or heads).  This error code has been known to be easily remidied, so no need to stress right now.  Deep, cleansing breaths.... and we're smiling, and we're...... getting of topic, let's fix this printer, shall we? 

What is hardware error 03130031-2F4D?

Specifically, the 2F4D is a VHT leak detection error of the LEFT print head, where the VHT falls outside of the normal operating ranges.      

Though this error only applies to one print head, in models that feature 2 print heads, Canon recommends replacing both heads at the same time.  It does cost more to replace both print heads simultaneously, but it can save future headaches and major slowdowns.  Plus the manufacturer has recommended best practices for a reason.  Listening to the voice of reason may prevent wasted ink and maintenance cartridge capacity.  Eliminate the risk, and eliminate spending extra money.

Please use our coupon to save a little cash if you buy both at the same time.  Get it below by filling in the form below. 

Can I fix the error?

Great news, you can fix it!  Even better news, it may not cost a thing!  Well, it will cost you a little time (emphasis on little).  We always recommend starting any troubleshoot with a simple reboot.  Power down the printer and leave it off for about 30 minutes to an hour.  Power up again, and if the error has cleared, go back to your regularly scheduled printing (and give us an outstanding review on Google and Facebook).

If the error comes back after powering back up, be sure the printer has the most current firmware. If neither of those activities fix the error, the last hope for a cost free repair is to eliminate the possibility of a false error, caused by air in the ink lines.

If no air is present in the lines, but the error code persists, mentally prepare yourself to give us your money (we'll give you what you need in return). 

The False Error

As mentioned in the section above, it's possible to have a false error. 

Filled Ink LinesPictured here are ink lines that are in normal operating conditions, full of ink.  If the ink tubes are not completely solid (like the image) a false error may occur becuase the printer doesn't have sensors in the lines.  The carriage assumes the ink tanks and pumps have sent an adequate ink supply through the lines.  If the print head detects 1 or more nozzles are not spraying ink, the printer assumes something is wrong with the print head, and BOOM,...error code. 

To rule out air in the lines, open the top cover (lid) and look at the ink lines.  Any air will be easy to spot becasue it causes gaps in the ink supply.  Air pockets/bubbles are obvious, even to the untrained eye (don't worry, you'll know it when you see it)

If you see any air in the ink lines, a syringe kit (available on this page as well) may be worth a try.  In many cases, removing the air from the lines can be the solution to the problem. 

If you do not see air in the ink lines and your firmware is current, it's time to replace the print head (or heads).  Direct links to print heads are available below.

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All our print heads are Genuine Canon OEM supplies, and are backed by the standard manufacturer warranty (1-year or 1 trillion droplets). 

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What If Print Head Replacement Doesn't Work?

If a print head replacement (1 or 2) does not fix the 2F4D error code, we recommend contacting us to disucss possible options BEFORE you start making decisions.  Depending on the model of the printer, potential repair items are main controller PCB, carrage relay PCB, flat cable, and various consumable supplies.  A simple call can save a ton of time, money, and headaches.  

For assitance identifying your particular next step, contat our service department

Final Notes

To recap, fixing this error can be simple (and free) by a simple a reboot or firmware update, but it can also get crazy expensive if PCB boards, flat cables, and consumables (ink, maintenance cartridge) are required.  Lastly, never forget there is a danger of accidentally causing damage to a new part if installing on your own.  If the printer in question is no longer supported by Canon, you will have to perform the repair on your own or find someone to do it for you (the technician will be expensive).  

Before deciding to repair an old(er) printer, be sure it is compatabile with new(er) computers and operating systems.  Doing a little research on the front end can prevent spending a bunch of money to repair a printer only to discover it's not compatable with a new computer you buy in 6-months. 

In some cases, replacing the printer is a more financially responsible decision.

Related Error Codes

The 2F4D code may also produce a 2F4E or a 2F4F code becasue they all apply to print heads.  Review the related codes here if needed.   

If you have additional questions, would like to speak to a customer service representative or a service technician, contact us.

2F4D isn't my error code!

If 2F4D is not the error code displayed on your screen, please see our blog post that lists all the possible 03133310 error codes so you can learn more about your specific error. 

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