Canon imagePROGRAF iPF Error Code 03130031-2F28

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF Error Code 03130031-2F28


Error Code 03130031-2F28

Hardware error 03130031-2F28 is a lift shift timeout error that will display a message that says "Power On Again Lift Motion Timeout". 

BEFORE POWERING DOWN, lift the top cover to make sure the carriage is nowhere other than the right side of the printer. 

What The Code Means

Error 2F28 means a lift operation has been executed, but no sensor has been detected or a sensor has remained detected.

Possible Causes

Though there may be many causes of hardware errors, the following reasons are the most notable related to the 2F28 code. 

  • The carriage cannot travel to the lift drive position.
  • The lift drive cam is not engaged.
  • Faulty lift drive sensor.
  • Faulty lift drive motor. 

How To Fix It

The power cycle should clear the error. In the event it doesn't, parts and knowledge will be needed. We always recommend repairs be made by a factory authorized service technician. In cases where a tech is not available, self diagnosis and repair may be an option.

We recommend not attempting any repairs without proper training, knowledge, and tools. Ignoring this recommendation could have undesirable results like severe injury, or death. In cases where the printer model is no longer supported, the following information may be helpful.

ProPrinting Systems may be available for service or parts.

Old Printers vs. New Computers

Depending on its age, your printer may simply not be worth repairing. Oder models may not have compatible drivers for new computers and operating systems. For information on Canon's current line of new large format printers, please see the links to the right. They are sorted by industry for convenience.

What's next?

If you have additional questions, would like to speak to a customer service representative or a service technician, contact us.

2F28 isn't my error code!

If 2F28 is not the error code displayed on your screen, please see our blog post that lists all the possible 03133310 error codes so you can learn more about your specific error. 

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