Canon imagePROGRAF iPF Error Code 03130031-2F23

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF Error Code 03130031-2F23


Error Code 03130031-2F23

Hardware error 03130031-2F23 is a pump motion error, and may be cleared by a simple reboot.  BEFORE turning your printer off, please read a little more about this error, as you can create more problems for yourself if it's not done properly.   

What The Code Means

If you are one that likes to know, here is the info. Error 2F23 means a PWM duty of 100% has lasted for 200 msec in a pump operation.   Too scientific for us too.  Read below. 

The Fix

The first check to make is to open the top cover of the printer and observe the printing surface.  You are looking for any type of obstruction.  If there is a jam, clear it, then it is safe to turn off the printer.  After a brief wait, turn it back on. 

If the error has cleared, you are finished with this troubleshoot.

If The Error Does Not Clear

A mechanical load error may be suspected. The motor or drive circuit may be at fault. If the carriage has run more or less out of control and resulted in an error, the encoder sensor may be at fault.

In the event you need to replace the sensor, we recommending calling a Canon Authorized Service Technician. If you are told Canon no longer supports your printer model, find an independent service company. We discourage you from making any repairs on your own. If you ignore our recommendation, please take appropriate precautions and disconnect the power supply. Electronic devices can cause serious injury or even death.

ProPrinting Systems may be available for service or parts.

Old Printers vs. New Computers

If you plan on replacing computer soon, a repair on an old printer may be a waste of money. Some older printer models do not have compatible drivers for new operating systems. For new printer models, please see the links to the right. They are sorted by industry for convenience.

What's next?

If you have additional questions, would like to speak to a customer service representative or a service technician, contact us.

2F23 isn't my error code!

If 2F23 is not the error code displayed on your screen, please see our blog post that lists all the possible 03133310 error codes so you can learn more about your specific error. 

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