Educating Potential Customers In Your Local Market

Episode 11: Educating Potential Customers In Your Local Market

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What's In This Episode

Everyone gets calls from tire kickers, time-wasters, and people seeking high-end services for free.  These calls suck, and they suck the life out of you.  They're discouraging too, they make us feel bad.  By nature, we want to help and provide our service, but we also want to run a successful business that makes enough money to feed our families and pay our bills.

I had a boss years ago that I completely despised working for.  The reason was, everything was my fault... even situations I couldn't control.  To him, it didn't matter, if things went south, there was something I (and the rest of my team) could have done to save it.

To remedy the situation, I went back to lessons learned from my previous career of firefighting.  I knew the best way to fight a fire is to prevent it!  Suddenly it all made sense to me.  Educate the customer and I won't have to fight as many fires.

That's what today's episode is about... educating customers in your local market to make your job easier!

This episode is the first in a series.  In upcoming episodes, I will be interviewing experts in customer education.  I'm going to feature guests who work with paid advertising, trade shows, and hopefully, I can get an SEO person on board as well.

Stay tuned!

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