Integrate IPS And Modern Sales Tactics To Attract Modern Buyers

Episode 16: Integrate IPS And Modern Sales Tactics To Attract Modern Buyers

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What's In This Episode

Learning how to sell properly is one thing, but learning how to integrate IPS and modern sales tactics to attract modern buyers is how photographers can level up!

Sales tactics of yesteryear don't work anymore!

Old school sales mentality was get them on the phone, schedule an appointment, meet them so you can close in person.  Is that how you buy?  That's not how anyone buys anymore.  Most people don't even like answering the phone!  How could you possibly schedule an appointment with someone that never picks up the phone?

Modern buyers expect a certain type of sales process.  You can be different if you want, but you'll wait for a needle in the haystack scenario to sell print.  Create a system that allows customers to buy on their terms while still selling on your terms!  That's how you win the sales game in the digital era.

In-person sales isn't dead, but it has evolved.  The only time you should actually be in-person during your sales process is when a person is getting ready to pay you, or they have already paid you.  You need to be digitally "in-person" prior to that moment.

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Learn More About Printing

Once you know how to sell to the current customer, you need to have a product for them to buy!  Your product is art. it is vision. it's a memory to be cherished for generations to come!  Your product is a printed image, and your customer needs it!

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