What’s More Important Than Choosing The Best Paper For Printing Photographs

Episode 19: What's More Important Than Choosing The Best Paper For Printing Photos

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What's In This Episode

The finished product is always the focus, but what's more important than choosing the best paper for printing photographs?  Paper is called "media" in the print industry and it consists of a lot more than just paper.  There is satin photo paper, glossy photo, canvas, luster, photo rag, and so many more varieties.  Then, to make things even more complex, there are different thicknesses.

With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to pick the best paper (media) to print your photos on.  When people get overwhelmed, they tend to look for a simple solution or they avoid the situation entirely.  Some photographers don't offer print because they don't want to learn about photo papers or printing photos.  Others outsource their printing because they think it's easier.

Those types of photographers are both losing money and missing opportunities.  This episode shines a light on the fancy world of printing photos and choosing the right type of media (remember, that means paper).  It's not as scary as you think!

When someone is different, people notice.  In the competitive world of photography, offering print can make you different but it can also work against you.  Using the same print labs as your competitors means offering the same types of things to clients.  So much for being different, right?

Having your own printer in-house allows you to make custom prints that are as impressive as the images themselves.  If you want to be different, offer something your competitor doesn't!  It starts with you, the subject, and the camera.... it should finish with you, the substrate, and the printer!

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Photography is art!  The client deserves more than a digital image that will get lost on USB drives, thrown away with old computers, and forgotten on social media timelines.  Printing your images gives your clients a keepsake; a memory to be cherished for generations to come!  Offer your customers the "full service" or "VIP" treatment, because they deserve it.

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