Use Print To Transition Into IPS

Episode 14: Use Print To Transition Into IPS

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What's In This Episode

Today's episode focuses on how to use print to transition into IPS, or "In-Person Sales".  What makes the IPS model so great is you can make more money per shoot, without raising prices or chasing away your existing clients.

People, in general, enjoy the VIP treatment. What's even better is they're willing to pay extra for that experience!  This is what IPS is all about.  Transitioning from shoot and burn doesn't have to be difficult, and you don't have to bail out on your existing clients.  Today you'll learn how to use print as your foundation for IPS.

The customer knows they can get your digital image enlarged and printed at any big-box store, and they know the price.  They want the print, and they'd rather buy it from you vs. the middle man.  Having a printer and offering print allows you to match competitor prices, increase your own revenue, and give your customer the VIP treatment while controlling the process from start to finish.

Believe it or not, simply having the ability to print in-house sells more prints than you previously have.  Once the prints are selling, the next step is to focus on the art of selling.  Understanding the psychology of sales can help you overcome objections, solve problems, and sell more!

The ProPrintcast is a great resource for sales training for photographers.  Tune in to other episodes for more lessons in selling print!

Learn More About Printing

Having the ability to print is a game-changer for any photographer.  It doesn't matter if you have a studio, or if you are working from home, printing will set you aside as a professional, and help your studio (and client base) grow!

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