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What To Look For In A Photo Printer

Buying a printer based on the price tag is a bad idea.  The wrong printer can cost you a fortune (no matter how great of a "deal" you got). The right printer will cost hundreds (even thousands) less over the life of the printer.

This quick video Will help you determine if a giclee & fine art printer is right for you.

Key Considerations

Defining what you need in a printer will make the decision much easier.  Here are a few questions that should help decide which printer is best for you

  • Paper Handling

    What types of media (paper) can the printer print on?  What is the largest size you want to print?  Do you need 2 rolls or just 1?

  • Ink Tank Size & Availability

    Small ink tanks may have smaller price tags, but they cost more per ml.  Some printers use more ink than others

  • Archival Properties

    Pigments inks last longer than dye inks.  But how long will YOUR print last? How long does your customer want their print to last?

  • Print Quality

    Does the printer accurately replicate colors?  How many colors does the printer mix to create its color gamut?

  • Connectivity & Portability

    What is the largest printer you can get for the space you have available? Is a 24-inch or 44-inch printer enough, or do you need larger? Wi-fi, Ethernet, or USB? Just a few things to look for before purchasing.

  • Ease Of Use

    What software is included and how easy is it to use? Do I need additional software?  Does it print from PhotoShop/LightRoom?

24-Inch Wide Fine Art Printer Models

44-Inch Wide Fine Art Printer Models

Why Buy A Photo Printer

Printing and selling large giclee and fine art images have never been more convenient. Shops that print in-house can reduce wait times and fees normally associated with outsourcing.

Pigment ink sets paired with specialty media create long-lasting, high-quality prints that resist fading, UV light, scratching, and even water.  Archival properties

Easy to use, minimal maintenance required, and no special skills or additional staff needed to operate it!

60 & 64-inch Wide Fine Art Printers

Professional Attire Accessories

Is A Giclee & Fine Art Printer Right For You

Giclee & Fine Art Printers are versatile and powerful resources.  Many have a reasonably budget-friendly price tag.  Having a printer in-house gives you the ability to print what your clients want, when they want it, 24/7/365.

Each customer is different and unfortunately, printers are not one-size-fits-all.

If you'd like a roadmap to follow, check out our free fine art printer buyers guide.


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