Retail – Survival By Innovation

Retail Buzzwords

Retail Is Dead That’s been the mantra for the last few years.  If you are a retail store owner, manager, or employee, there is no doubt you’ve noticed.  Many people blame everything from online retailers to generation gaps and the economy.  No matter what your particular belief, one thing is certain; people no longer buy…

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How a $200 printer costs $1,645 more than a $1,295 printer.

overpaying with credit card

Cheap and Good Don’t Go Together Contractors HATE 3 things, computers, wasting time, and spending money. They are also extremely good with numbers.  That being said, today’s blog post was inspired by a situation I encounter far too often, from people too smart to make such a simple mistake. I know guys that can nail an…

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Reasons Why You’re Always Buying Ink

Always Buying Ink? You’ve probably said these next few words a hundred times… “How can we possibly need ink again, I just bought some last week”.  This is a real problem for so many people.  No matter if it is your home printer or your office printer, people rip through ink faster than a high…

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