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What Is The Best Photo Printer For My Budget

What is the best photo printer for my budget

What Is The Best Photo Printer For My Budget

ProPrintcast Episode 18

When asked "What is the best photo printer for my budget",  I always answer with a follow up question.  That's not usually the response most people are looking for.  They want me to say a brand and a model and that's just not the way it works. 

I usually ask "what kind of printing do you want to do"?  That's mostly followed up by "I dunno, photos". 

That's not the way to start looking into printing!  Photographers that don't know what type of prints they want to offer their clients will have an impossible time trying to sell prints to their clients.  Understanding YOUR NEED will determine the best photo printer for you.  Budget should be a secondary concern. 

This episode of the ProPrintcast sheds light on what to look for in a professional photo printer, and what to avoid when making your buying decision.  

Nearly every business needs the same types of things in order to run.  Goals, vision, resources, products or services, customers, and marketing make up a few of those elements.  No matter the industry you are in, being different and having a positive attitude are hard to compete with.    

Tune in to other episodes for more lessons in selling print!

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Once you know about your customers needs, you need to have a product for them to buy!  Your product is more than just art.  It's a memory to be cherished for generations to come!  Your product is a printed image!  Offer your customers more than they can get themselves online or at a local store or print shop.    

Learn more about how to print with professional photo printers or contact us for more information. 

Ron Rodgers
Ron Rodgers
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