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3 Types of Employee You Haven’t Considered Hiring

It is said that employees are a company’s best asset.  We also hear the horror stories of poor choices and bad employees.  We hear stories of time wasting, stealing company resources, and bad attitudes that bring even the best employees down.  With that much at stake, it is important we select the correct employee, and that is why the hiring process is what it is.

If you’ve gone through the process, you understand it’s neither fast nor easy.  There are resumes to read, qualifications to check, interviews to schedule and conduct… all to make sure you add the right person to your team.

Every day, people hire and fire employees, but the real question is, do you treat all your company decisions the same way?  Do you tirelessly investigate every decision like Liam Neeson shopping for a karaoke machine (or a box of cereal… depending on which movie you watched).  Or do you make snap decisions based on the lowest price?

I’m not going to hit you with the “get what you pay for”.  Although that ace is always up my sleeve, let me help make this a little more real for you.

Many business owners classify certain resources as “cost of doing business” expenses and liabilities.  Therefore, so many don’t have a website, bookkeeper, or other product/service that “costs money”.  Too often, business owners fall into the trap of focusing on the money. And while I will admit “saving money” should be a priority of every business, making money is far more important.  After all, if your company stopped making money, how much longer are you going to be in business?

Have you ever considered the potential rewards of treating business expenses as employees and money making resources?  For example, are you still using a Windows XP computer?  Some people haven’t upgraded because of the associated costs: the computer, the company specific software, and the time to transfer files.

The first and most dangerous risk about this scenario is security.  XP is no longer supported by the manufacturer, leaving your information TOTALLY EXPOSED AND VULNERABLE to cyber threats.  Think it can’t happen to you? That’s what they all thought too!

New technology such as printers and software do not have drivers compatible with XP.  In other words, you can’t use the product you just bought because you don’t have the necessary equipment required to run it.

Lastly, older computers and office tech are now regarded as slow.  In today’s competitive markets, the first contact gets the contract.  Can you imagine losing a bid because your computer was too slow and you didn’t get a proposal out fast enough?

Another employable resource is a website.  Some think websites are designed to attract new customers.  I’ve even heard people say “I have enough customers, I can’t handle any more business, so I don’t need that”.

Would you be interested in an employee that worked 24 hours a day, without taking a lunch, bathroom, or smoke break?  An employee that didn’t look at Facebook, or take personal calls.  An employee that only talked to people about how awesome your company is… 365 days a year.  Now imagine that employee cost you less than $150 per year and did exactly what you told them to do… no more, no less.  Would you hire that person?

That is what a website does for you; it gives you an employee that is not bound by human limitations.  If you don’t like the thought of spending $150 on your business, you can get the next best thing for free… a business Facebook page.  If you want to find out more about creating a business Facebook page, you can register for my free “Build a Business Facebook” online course by clicking here.I show you how to set up the page, how to find and post information and helpful things that aren’t always a sales pitch. Did I mention it’s free, and it’s self-paced?

Decisions like copiers and printers need to be made with the same attention to detail as hiring an employee.  Yes, some cost more; but look what you get!  ProPrinting Systems doesn’t sell printers.  We make offices more efficient.  We put printing systems in your office that are going to reduce paper usage by automating normal document usage. When less paper is used, less toner is used, and less money is spent.

If you are “old school” and still like to print, you can still print documents… you will just have more control.  New printing technology has created ways to manage faxes without ever printing a page (unless you decide to), create user ID’s to prevent unauthorized use (cleaning crew at night, employees making copies for birthday invitations, etc… yes, it happens).  You can protect sensitive information with secure printing (preventing HR documents, pay raises, social security numbers, protected health information, and much more) from sitting in the print tray, vulnerable to prying eyes.

Printers are so much more than speeds and cost.  They were designed to prevent a company from overspending.  The best part is, there are experts like me, “The Pro” available to your company on demand.  ProPrinting Systems has an automated survey that will help you identify if you are spending too much on print.  Click here to access the survey.

If there was a better way to conduct business, how would you know?  Would you want to find out more?  If you are interested in having a serious conversation about improving your printing process, please click here to schedule a time to talk with “The Pro”.

Again, Sign up for my FREE online course that teaches you how to create a Facebook page for your business.

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Ron Rodgers
Ron Rodgers
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